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Bathtub To Shower Remodel in just 2 days

We can convert your old bathtub to a brand new shower in just 2 days. How we do it:

Day One:

Our foreman and his helper arrive and immediately place a cover over your floors from the entry door directly into your bathroom, then place drop cloths over your sinks, counter top and commode. Demolition begins; we take down your shower walls and the sub-wall behind it down to the studs, remove the old bathtub and take off the sheet rock in the shower area from floor to ceiling exposing the wall studs. The exposed area is then thoroughly cleaned.

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Then, our licensed Master Plumber and partner arrive and replace your old a 1 1/4-inch drain with a 2″ drain; next they install a new scald -proof valve using all new plumbing in the shower area (valve cover, shower stem and head are installed on day two). We use all MOEN plumbing fixtures.

As our plumbers are leaving, our foreman and his helper are back from the dump, and ready for their afternoon’s work. We then straighten your wall studs, replace any bad studs and install a wet area fiber-cement backer, replacing the sheet rock we removed. We then install wood blocks in areas between the studs where the safety bars are later to be placed. Last, on that first day, we install our heavy-duty solid surface shower pan in a bed of concrete.

Day Two:

We arrive with your new 1/2″ thick solid surface wall system that will be fused to the fiber cement water-proof backer with a special silicone sealant. Our special floor-to-ceiling, inside and outside corners are set, together with the built-in soap dish and shower caddy. After installing two strategically-placed safety bars we install a 1/4-thick tempered glass sliding shower door.

Our plumber arrives for the second time and installs the chrome valve cover shower stem and shower head. We prepare for the installation or our 1/4″ tempered glass shower door. After the installation of the shower doors, our plumber arrives and installs the valve cover, shower stem and head. Most important, he test floods your shower and assures the there is a fast run-off of water to the drain. We then leave your house as clean as we found it.

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