3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Safer As You Get Older

As you get older things in your home that may not have been an issue for you previously begin to gain your attention. Something as simple as an uneven floorboard or a high cabinet can all of a sudden be a hazard. In the case of your bathroom, our number one tip is always going to be to have a Safe Shower installed, after all, your safety is guaranteed. However, there are some other minor adjustments you can make in your bathroom to ensure you are not putting yourself in danger any time you need you use the restroom.

Remove Unnecessary Rugs Yes, rugs can bring a decorative touch to any room, not to mention they tend to keep the floors tolerable to stand on in the winter. However, the only rug you truly need in your bathroom should be placed right in front of your safety shower other than that we say, go without! Rugs can be easily tripped on and especially when the floors are tile allowing the rug to be maneuvered without much agitation. We say skip the rugs and opt for socks to avoid injury and cold feet.

Add Different Colors and Materials Decorating your bathroom in contrasting colors and materials can often be helpful when your eyes are not exactly what they used to be. Having subtle visual cues(even if they are subconsciously helping you) can mean the difference between hurting yourself and not.

Relocate Inconvenient Light Switches If your bathroom light switch is anywhere other than on the wall near the entrance door to the restroom you may want to consider having it moved. Having to walk through a dark room while trying to locate a light switch can obviously lead to preventable injuries.

Follow these tips and make your bathroom safer today. Safe Showers in Austin cares about you and want to help you prevent injury as well as we can. Contact us today if you are interested in buying a Safe Shower today!

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