What Is a HISA Grant and How Can it Help Pay for a Bathroom Renovation?

At Safe Showers, all of our showers are outfitted with various safety features, including strategically placed grab bars, What Is A HISA Grant?tempered glass doors, slip-resistant floors, two- to four-inch shower thresholds, an adjustable shower chair with every tub-to-shower conversion at no extra cost, or a comfortable fold-down teak seat as an available upgrade.

These features can help with balance and mobility, making for a more enjoyable showering experience. Our tub-to-shower conversions and walk-in shower installations are perfect for seniors, veterans, those with mobility limitations, or anyone interested in updating their bathroom.

We are a VA-approved contractor and do a lot of work with veterans and with the Veterans Administration. With the assistance of HISA grants, almost all of the expenses involved in our walk-in shower remodels are taken care of for veterans who qualify.  Our team proudly completes a HISA grant project once a month.

HISA Grants provide financial support for disabled veterans who require modifications be made to their homes. This is a form of medical assistance, as these changes improve overall mobility. Oftentimes, these alterations apply to bathrooms, as wet areas can pose a slipping hazard.

The HISA grant may cover the addition of handrails, ramps, additional electrical outlets need for medical equipment, roll-in showers, and widening of doorways. Although a veteran’s disability does not need to be directly related to their military service, a service-related issue can lead to greater monetary compensation.

What’s more, at Safe Shower we also offer discounts in addition to any current sales offers for all seniors and veterans.

When you work with Safe Showers, you can have peace of mind knowing we honor our veterans and offer these financial resources so they can shower without concern or mobility limitations. Contact us at 210-655-1111 to learn more about the HSIA grant, walk-in showers, tub-to-shower conversions, and other services we offer.

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