What Are Safe Shower Accessories?

What Are Safe Shower Accessories? Do you ever lose your balance in the shower? Are you afraid that you might slip and fall? If so, then safe shower accessories are a smart investment, especially for veterans, seniors, those with mobility limitations, or simply anyone who …

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How to Make a Bathroom Safer for an Elderly Parent

As our parents age, their safety and security can become a primary concern. This often takes precedence in the bathroom, where slipping and falling is a common occurrence among the elderly. With this in mind, outfitting their bathroom with proper safety precautions is key Making …

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3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Safer As You Get Older

As we age, certain aspects of our homes demand extra attention to ensure our safety and well-being. Among these, the bathroom stands out as a potential hazard zone. Safe Showers understands the importance of creating a secure space for you, especially as you navigate the …

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Why Should You Purchase A Safe Shower?

The majority of accidents in all homes occur in the bathroom. Of those injuries, the majority are bathtub related (Falling into the tub, falling out the tub, etc.). Thankfully, Safe Shower in Austin wants to relieve you of the stress that can be caused by …

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Making Bathrooms Safe for Seniors

More than one in three persons over age 65 fall each year, often at home. If falls do happen, luckily, most do not result in any injury with the exception of a minor bruise or scraped knee. But falling in the bathroom is an entirely …

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