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“Proud of Our New Shower”

Mr. Williams and Installation crew
My wife and I have been using our walk-in shower for one month now, and we felt it was time to critique your product and service.

First, we find the shower to be everything that was promised. It is solid enough that (God forbid!) I would seek shelter in it in extreme weather. The water drains better than ever before with the new 2” drain pipe. We find the additional safety bar extremely handy and the built-in shelf a nice addition.

Second, your work crew was simply amazing, working side-by-side in such tight quarters. They left the area clean the first day, and upon completion the second day. On the second day, I unexpectedly had to take my wife to the Emergency Room. I could tell by the characters of your crew that my house would be in good hands when I returned to the hospital. Barbara and I want to say a special thanks for easing my worry on a worrisome day.

We are proud of our new shower and are pleased to endorse not only Safe Showers for a quality product, but also quality people. A true testament to a solid company.

San Antonio